PANASONIC | Overview

For a year, Mantis Digital Arts partnered with Panasonic on their app, Hometeam, which allowed families to stay connected with their kids and grandkids through books and games. MDA was responsible for building and designing the games. My main project was to come up with a mascot to represent the app and star in the games. After brainstorming many animals, we landed on the red panda. He went through a few revisions, and also gained a few friends to star in the games with him. Once the characters were created, I helped with art assets and animations for many of the games.

My second big project was coming up with an achievement system to encourage replaying of the games. We decided to turn getting achievements into a game by unlocking stickers in a sticker book for each achievement. My main responsibilities were to come up with the achievement names, the requirements to unlock achievements, create stickers for each achievement, and finally the sticker book layout to view each sticker.

This contract was a great experience to learn how to work with a big name client with specific design requirements and restraints, while still retaining the style of your base company. It also required a lot of teamwork and coordination.

Stickerbook Background Design: Kalli Williams